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Wax (cerumen) is an oily and waxy substance secreted inside the ear canal. In most cases ear wax is a positive component for the ear canals overall health. Earwax helps condition the ear canal wall with its lubricative properties. Wax is also a natural defense mechanism using it’s anti-microbial properties. In some cases, wax can become impacted in the ear canal causing a loss of hearing.

HearCare Hearing will perform an otoscope exam, showing any potential signs of wax build up and if necessary assist in its removal.

There are many reasons to have a complete hearing evaluation. Understanding the importance of healthy hearing, and the ways to help prevent hearing loss is essential. Patients with audiogram results with normal hearing thresholds are not typically recommended hearing aids, rather educated on preventive hearing health care. Patients with normal audiogram results are recommend to be tested every two years.

Audiometric Evaluations

An audiometry exam tests your ability to hear sounds. Sounds will vary, based on their loudness (intensity) and the speed of sound wave vibrations (tone). Hearing occurs when sound waves stimulate the nerves of the inner ear (cochlea). The sound then travels along nerve pathways to the brain.

Ear Cleaning

If after the evaluation we do find it necessary to perform an ear cleaning, we can do that in house. It is very important to have this done professionally as to not damage the inner ear.

Cleaning and Servicing

Keeping your hearing aids clean is imperative for overall effectiveness. Short and simple daily attention on each device best ensures the hearing aids overall working benefit. We will help educate each patient on preventative care for their specific hearing aid. HearCare Hearing services all manufactures hearing aids.

Selection of Hearing Devices

After your evaluation, depending on how much hearing is lost and the unique aspects of your situation, we will recommend what device would work best for you.

Our Works

Hearing evaluations that result in noted hearing loss will be educated on their particular individual loss. Hearing loss counseling is essential in overall hearing loss treatment and success; for most people hearing aids are not enough. Patients recommended treatment options are based on severity and shape of loss, lifestyle and budget.